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Fully digital 
Current Rectifier 

for direct current drives
Structure and Method of working
Typical applications
Technical Data
Recommended accessories

Structure and Method of working
The units meet with the European (CE)-,
UL- and c-UL- standards.

The current rectifiers of the series KIMOREG D installed for the controlling of motors are designed that they can be installed with the pertinent control devices in a standard enclosure.
The rectifiers are designed for connection to a three- phase mains in a voltage range form 110 V AC to 500 V AC. They supply controlled DC-output voltages or-currents for anchor and field for externally actuated DC-shunt-motors as well as for permanent magnet actuated DC motors.

The units can be supplied in 1 quadrant as well as in 4-quadrant models.

A 1-quadrant unit consists of a fully controlled rotary current thyristor bridge (B6)C with full protection against overload and excessive voltage as well as the relevang electronic regulating circuits.

A 4-quadrant unit consists of two fully controlled rotary current thyristor bridges (B6)A (B6)C with modern electronics for the control of rpm and rotary moment for drive and braking in both rotary directions.

All rectiviers are equipped with an integrated field regulator, this makes a regulated field low power operation possible.

The mains connection is independent of rotary field. An in-built two-line alpha-numeric LCD-dixplay shows the rectifier-relvant information or on the occurence of a fault its cause immediately. The LCD-display represents moreover a valuable diagnostic and since it has access to all alarms, inputs and outputs as well as the main software blocks of the regulator. The LED-display under the font cover-hood show at any given time the drive status and gives information regarding the state of the most important inputs and outputs.

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Der Systemantrieb
Mit den zahlreichen Softwarefunktionen, die dieser Systemantrieb bietet, können unter anderem komplexe Wickelaufgaben gelöst und Verfahrensregler (PID-Regler) ohne aufwendige Zusatzelektronik nachgebildet werden.

Die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten des KIMOREG D erlauben den Einsatz des digitalen Stromrichters für komplexe Antriebs- und Regelungsaufgaben ebenso wie für einfache Drehzahlregelungen.

Standard software funktion blocks

  • Automatic on/off switching sequence
  • Patented blocking period extension for 4Q-model
  • PID-Technology regulator
  • Multi-lingual Display
  • Self-optimisation
  • Tip-and crawl nominal values
  • 4 different field regulation types
  • in- and outputs are freely configurated
  • Angle calculator with direct or indirect draft regulator
System Integration
The three serial interseciton points allow a monitoring and guiding of the instruments via PC-supported lead systems, digital operator systems or SPS-systems or also via the combination of all three.

Higher voltage - less current
The patented blocking period extension allows the operation also of 4-quadrant -rectifiers with an anchor voltage of 460 V, as is usual in the case of 2-quadrant-rectifiers (in the case of power connection of 3 x 400 V). This results in a reduction of powe rused with the same output which entails a reduction in costs for the user with regard to the wiring, the switch-instruments and the rectifier.
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Typical applications

  • Main drive for arcing and rotation printing machines
  • Portable and lifting drive in the lifting appliance industry for cranes, shelf-conveying-appliances, lifts etc.
  • Lift and cable-way operation
  • Needling machines for the textile Industry
  • Rolling mill drives
  • Shearing drives in the steel industry
  • Paper machines
  • Winding drives for foil, paper, wire etc.
  • Horizontal cutters
  • Profiling machines
  • Loading machines for Motor-turbines-or transmission testing stands

IPS software parametering made easy
The software IPS (Instrument Programming Soft-ware) makes to possible to program and configurate the drive from any PC. The adjustment of the dircuit regulation follows independently (self-adjusting).

Clear Programming
Simple putting into operation

A 32 character comprehensive alphanumeric display shows the user all diagnostic and operation parameters as well as comprehensive error and status reports in clear text. The clearly designed software leads the user through various menu surfaces quickly to the parameters relevant for him. The operating field is available in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.The digital rectifier KIMOREG D offers the possibility of stroing all parameters through a standardised serial intersection point on a PC. For the user this has the advantage that he can document and store all input drive parameters on a diskette. In case of need these paramters can be called up, compared or loaded in anew rectifier.
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Technical Data

Rated frequency Hz automatically adjustment to mains frequencies between 45 Hz-and 65 Hz
Protection nach DIN 40050   IP00
Temperatur  Storage and Transport °C -20°C up to +55°C
Humidity class  DIN 40040   F
Standards   Geräteauslegung nach CE, UL, c-UL
Rated voltage   V 3AC 240 V up to 500 V (±10 %)
Rated voltage 2Q and 4Q V 1,2 x Supply voltage z.B. 460 V with 3AC 400 V connection 600 V with 3AC 500 V connection
Rated current    A 35 70 110 150 180 270 360 450 720
Overload     200 % for 10 sec, 150 % for 30 sec
Rated power with 3AC 400V kW 16 31 50 66 75 120 160 200 320
  with 3AC 500V kW 18 35 55 75 90 135 180 225 360
Voltage Field   V Output: max...DC 500V
Output current Field max. max. A 10           20    
Control voltage   V 2AC 110 V up to 240 V (± 10 %)
Air flow    V Self ventilation 2AC 115 V ±15 % and 2AC 230 V ±15 %
Luftdurchsatz   m3/h Self ventilation 100   300 350 420 490 1) 1000
Losses at rated current   W 105 210 330 450 540 710 1080 1350 2160
Ambient temperatur Operation   °C 0 - 45°C  0 - 35 °C
Linear power reduction
as from 35 °C resp. 45°C
    1 % / °C up to max. 55 °C
Dimensions H mm 415   440   500   705 675 920
  T mm 170         210 252   324 2)
  B mm 250           322   362
Weight approx.   kg 10 14 15 16 17 20 36 30 65
Order No. 2Q Order No. 9251.323 9251.327 9251.330 9251.331 9251.332 9251.333 9251.334 9251.335 9251.337
  4Q Order No. 9252.323 9252.327 9252.330 9252.331 9252.332 9252.333 9252.334 9252.335 9252.337
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Recommended accessories
Fuses Phase A 3x50 3x100 3x125 3x160 3x250 3x315 3x450 3x500 3x900
Order No. for fuses   Order No. 9911.127 9911.230 9911.231 9911.232 9911.434 9911.435 9911.436 9911.437 9911.691
Order No. for  fuse holder   Order No. 9911.001 9911.003 9911.004
Fuses Anchor A 2x50 2x125 2x160 2x200 2x250 2x450 2x500 2x630 2x1000
Order No. for fuses   Order No. 9911.127 9911.231 9911.232 9911.233 9911.434 9911.436 9911.437 9911.638 9911.740
Order No. for  fuse holder   Order No. 9911.001 9911.003 9911.004
Commutating reactors Order No. 9901.323 9901.326 9901.329 9901.331 9901.332 9901.333 9901.334 9901.335 9901.338
1) external fan necessary 2) Depht 194mm, with air flows behind the enclosure
Higher voltages and powers with separate thyristor sets and controller


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