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Analog Current Rectifier for variable speed dc drives SIMOREG
1...300 kW
2AC 400 V
3AC 500 V
Structure and Method of functioning
Technical Data SIMOREG
Units for three-phase connection

Structure and Method of functioning

plug-in version 2AC

SIMOREG current rectifiers for single-phase connection are supplied in two forms. Converters with housing are recomended for single drive. Converters without housing, arranged in a component-holder offer a space-saving arrangement.

built-in version 2AC

The converters already have in the basic model some technological functions, e.g.:

  • Uptake transmitter
  • Maximum rating indicator
  • Anchor voltage actual value-determination with (IxR)-compensation in the case of converters in B2HK and B6C connection(i.e. Tachogenerator can be walved).
  • Electronic automatic switch on and switch off in the (B2)A (B2)C, (B6)A(B6)C connection.
  • Additional inputs and outputs led onto a screen field for individual use in the (B2)A(B2)C, B6C, (B6)A(B6)C connection.
Power Part

SIMOREG converters for single-phase single-quadrant operation in semi-controlled single-phase B2HK connection, SIMOREG-converters for single-phase 4-quadrant operation in anti-parallel connection (free of circular current) of two fully controlled rotary current bridge connections (B2) A (B2) C.

SIMOREG-converters for three-phase single-quadrant operation in fully controlled rotary current bridge connection B6C, SIMOREG-converters for three-phase 4-quadrant operation in anti-parallel connection (free of circular current) of two fully controlled rotary current bridge connections (B6)A (B6)C.


SIMOREG-converters with proportioning direct currents up to 160 A are designed for automatic air-cooling, while converters with proportioning direct currents from 240 A are designed for amplified air cooling (fan).

built-in version 3AC

Induction/Energizing Current Supply

With SIMOREG-converters (other than in connection (B2)A (B2)C) there is built in an induction rectifier in uncontrolled single-phase-connection  B2. On connection of the converter to a mains voltage of 2 AC 400 V there results a proportioning output voltage of 340 V, on connection of the converter to a mains voltage of 2 AC 230 V a proportioning output voltage of 200 V at the terminals C2/D2.

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RPM Regulator

  • separately adjustable p-amplification and re-setting time
  • additional current nominal value included in the current limiting device
  • RPM actual value-adaption with fine tuning
Current Regulator
The analog current regulator is designed as dynamically very powerful regulator with the following functions:
  • Steering set-anticipatory control,
  • PI-controller with correction contact,
  • Current-dependent phase limitation-switch over
The controller can be optimised without instruments, only with the use of in-built filament diodes.

Control unit and command stage
The control unit forms the control impulse for the ignition/starting of the thyristors. The control impulses are supplied/fed depending on the required rotary moment direction with the aid of the command stage via impulse amplifier and transfer component to the thyristors in one or other current direction. The control unit makes all neccessary adjustments automatically at different stages of operation or during any change during operation in the mains frequency in the range of 45...65 Hz.

The command point switches over the current direction during any change of polarity of the current nominal value (rotary moment direction).

Automatic switching on and switching off
The automatic switching on and off device takes over the task of an external interlocking switch system of relays or auxilliary fuses.
After the switch-on command and after the building up of the voltages of the current supply the power protection device is switched on through a relay built into converter and released for operation after answer back signal and external relay release .
After the switch-off command the current is first reduced and then the power protection switched off with current = zero.

Limiting value indicator
With the limiting value indicator the falling short of or the exceeding of a rmp or current nominal value can be determined. The actuating of the limiting value indicator is displayed through a diode. The response factor can be adjusted through a potentiometer. By reversal/throwing of a connector bridge the outlet of the limiting value indicator can if desired be placed also on the nominal/actual monitoring device.

Nominal/Actual-Monitoring and registering of faults
The converters have in the basic model a blocking relay/magnetic switch which is actuated on a persistent rpm nominal value/rpm actual value deviation.

The registration of fault occurring from the protection function is stored and displayed through a diode. It can be quitted and cancelled out by activation of a key.

Freely usable functions and line-up spots
By using this possibility certain technolgically required additional functions can be installed in the converter in limitation. All signals are fed onto a screen field, on which the desired additional function can be incorporated.

There are also various values fed onto the screen field from the power supply and from the controls.

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Technical Data

Rated frequenc Hz Automaticaly adjustment to mains frequencies between 45 Hz-and 65 Hz
Protection DIN 40050   IP00
Temperatuer Storage and Transport C -30C up to +85C
Humidity class  DIN 40040   F
Norm   In accordance with CE

Units for single-phase connection             Rated supply voltage 2AC 230/400V (+-10%)
Operation   1Q 4Q
Rated voltage bei 2AC 230V V 180 150
  bei 2AC 400V V 320 260
Rated current  A 5 12 22 40 5 12 22 40
Rated power bei 2AC 230V kW 0,9 2,2 4,0 7,2 0,75 1,8 3,3 6
  bei 2AC 400V kW 1,6 3,8 6,9 12,6 1,3 3,1 5,7 10,4
Rated voltage Field rectifier V Output: max...DC340V external field supply
Output current Field A 1,5 5  
Dimensions plug-in version
mm 50  78 112 78   92 124
mm 210  233  233 238 
  built-in version
mm 86 121 152 137 152 182
Weight approx. plug-in version kg 1,25 1,6 3,6 1,8  2,1 4,1
  built-in version kg 2,2 2,8 4,4 2,8 3,1 5,4
Ambient temperature  Operation   C 0-45C  with rated DC current
Order-No  plug-in version 9215.315 9215.321 9215.322 9215.324 9216.315 9216.321 9216.322 9216.324
  built-in version 9213.315 9213.321 9213.322 9213.324 9214.315 9214.321 9214.322 9214.324
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Units for three-phase connection       Rated supply voltage 3AC 400V* (+-10%)
Rated DC voltage 2Q V 485 
  4Q V 420 
Rated DC current  A 35 50 70 110 130 160 240 350 500
Rated power  2Q  kW 17 24 34 53 63 77 116 170 242
  4Q kW 14,7 21 29 46 55 67 100 147 210
Voltage Field V Output: max...DC320V
Rated voltage Field A 8 15
Dimensions Height mm 310 315 400
  2Q mm 195 227 317 320    390    
  4Q mm 190 222 315 345  390
  Width mm 270
Weight approx. 2Q kg 4,4 6,5 10 11 12 22 24 30
  4Q kg 5,4 7,3 15 16 18 22 24 30
Ambient temperature  Operation C 0-45C 0-35C
Order No 2Q 9211.323 9211.325 9211.327 9211.330 9211.331 9211.332 9211.333 9211.334 9211.335
  4Q 9212.323 9212.325 9212.327 9212.330 9212.331 9212.332 9212.333 9212.334 9212.335
* other rated DC voltage on request


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