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Typical Applications GISIDIG
  • Main drive for arc and rotary printing presses
  • Portable- and hoisting drives in the lifting appliance industry for cranes, shelf-supplying equipment, elevators etc.
  • Lift- and cableway operation
  • Needling machines for the textile industry
  • Rolling mill drives
  • Shearing drives in the steel industry
  • Paper machines
  • Winding drives for foil, paper wire etc.
  • Horizontal cutters
  • Profiling machines
  • Loading machines for Motor-turbines- or transmission testing benches
  • Fully digital Rectifier for direct Current Drives
    Applications / Construction
    Technical Characteristics
    Standard Hardware
    Technical Data

    The regulation of the rpm and rotary momentum of direct current motors represent the main focus of application. These appliances can moreover, also be used universally in industrial processes for control and regulation of direct voltage or direct current.

    The unit was designed jointly with experienced plant manufacturers in line with the latest know-how in the field of power-electronics. They are suitable due to their modular concept for the construction of simple variable-speed drives on the designing of expensive multi-motor-drive systems.

    Construction of the appliances

    GISIDIG units are built with fully controlled thyristor-bridges for 2- or 4-quadrant operation. The circuit thyristors are insulated and mounted on a common cooling body.

    The electronic components are structured on two levels at a swivel carriage above the circuit thyristors and are connected to each other with flat band cables. This construction makes it possible for all components to be freely accessible.

    On the level of the thyristor module there are protective circuit breakers, the thyristor control and optionally the field regulation device.

    The basic version can be offered with various optional Hardware-Extension Modules such as for example Technology regulators or communication components etc.

    The machines are fitted in the standard version with an EPROM in which a regulatory structure is stored which can be made operational through simple parametering.

    Technical Characteristics
    • High processing speed and short reaction times through the latest processor technology
    • Fast process communication via Peer to Peer RS232, RS485 and optionally via a PROFIBUS component
    • Solving various complex technological tasks through freely programmable Technology Modules
    • Short time for setting into operation through computerised parametering and monitoring (GISIVIS)
    • Monitoring functions such as for example On-Off switching sequence and indication of faults are included in the standard software
    • Compact metal housing with swivelling device, which enables a problem-free access to all boards as well as the thyristor power components
    • Automatic setting
      Automatic optimisation course for regulator and pre-controls, automatic offset alignment, Trace-Accumulator
  • Simple operation and observing
    Simple parametering of the appliances by means of a 3-key-manipulation and 5 Seven-segment-displays on the basic electronics. As an option it is possible to install an equipment operating field with 2x15-digit LCD display.
    • High Operating Safety
      Safety cut-off switch without engaging the micro-processor (E-stop-function)
    • Standard typ series from 20...850 A, types for 2- or 4-quadrant operation and for 400 V AC or 500 V AC main voltage. Higher currents and voltages via parallel switching of thyristor sets and control with control unit (form R construction). Optional regulated B2H secondary field supply with filed nominal emission depending on equipment type in the range of  DC 1...28 A.
    Standard Hardware
    • Four analog Selector inputs, of which two are sum-and difference amplifier inputs. Wiring of the signals to every relevant point of the control
    • Four analog selection outputs. Every test value can be wired to these outputs
    • Eight digital inputs, of which 6 are election inputs (dial-inputs). Over 60 functions can be actuated selectively
    • Four digital selection outputs. Over 30 positions can be registered as desired
    • Three possible actual value-sources:
      • analog tachometer,
      • all accessible impulse transmitters,
      • measured EMK (for operation without tachometer)
    • Synchronising voltage direct from power part
    • Connection possibility for various hardware expansion components available as optional
      The units can be used via serial interfaces as peripherals of the SPS
    Communication with superior automation systems:
  • A RS 232-interface to the PC-coupling allows direct parameter read-out on the printer or storing on floppy disk
  • A RS 485-Interface for communication with an automation system or direct coupling for digital nominal value cascades (Peer-to-Peer communication)
  • The unse of an interface  component makes connection with the PROFIBUS
  • Controller Software
    With all GISIDIG rectifier controllers an efficient 16-bit-microprocessor takes over all functions of the drive control, drive steering and of communication.

    The units have in the Standard design a series of the technological functions such as for eample superimposed technology regulator for draft regulation, motor potentiometer, digital nominal value cascade, free multiplier, free divider etc. High-dynamic current regulator through blocking period anticipatory control (for more extensive technolgical functions an additional technological component can be used).
    Interactive setting into operation with support of GISIVIS software
  • Menue-guided setting
  • Upload/Download of parameter sets
  • Guided parametering of the analog and binary inputs and outputs
  • Guided adjustment of all control and regulatory functions (technology regulator, motor poti, uptake transmitter, rpm regulator, current nominal value formation, current regulator, EMK-regulator, field current regulator, free function-blocks)
  • Guided parametering of additional components
  • Operating screens for advance control commands and nominal values
  • Trace-booster-graphics, control of outlining, read-outs and graphic representation of the built-in TRACE-buffer built into the GISIDIG.
  • Options

  • Operating panel
    Machine operating field parameters and their contents are displayed simultaneously in clear text and physical detail. Moreover the user can read-off two parametered values (e.g. rpm and anchor current). The operating panel can be installed either in the machine top cover or in the door of an enclosure . The clear text display is available in several languages. Unit with built-in operating panel as option
  • Connection cable for terminal blocks
    The unit terminal block can be integrated with the mounting set in the cabinet terminal strip.
  • Interface converter RS232/ 485
    It converts the RS 232-point-to-point interface into a RS 485.
  • Technology module
    The technology module provides additional complex regulatory functions. The user works with pre-set or freely programmable SW-packages (e.g. for synchronous speed regulation).
  • PROFIBUS-modules
    They serve for open communication vide PROFIBUS or SINEC L2 DP
  • Fully digitalised field regulation
    (B2H), 400 V AC, 325 V DC, 28 A max
  • top
    Structure type A 
    Structure type D
    Structure type E 
    Technical Data

    Structure type  
    Supply voltage**) V 400V-type: 3AC400 +15% -20% 

    500V-type: 3AC500 +10% -15%

    Output voltage
    400V-type: DC 490 -- 500V-type: DC 600 

    400V-type: DC ±420 -- 500V-type: DC ±520

    Supply frequency   Hz
    45...65 self-adjustment
    Rated DC current        Unit Überlastbar 1,5fach, Zeitdauer abhängig von Gerätetyp und Vorbelastung
    400V- and 500V-type 2Q
    Rated power - Unit
    400V-type 2Q kW 9,8 14 29 44 61 98 122 157 196 294 416
      4Q kW 8,4 12 25 42 59 84 105 134 168 252 357
    500V-type 2Q kW 12 18 36 54 75 120 150 192 240 360 510
      4Q kW 10 15 31 52 73 104 130 166 208 312 442
    Order No. GISIDIG
    400V-type 2Q   9121-322 9121-323 9121-326 9121-329 9121-331 9121-332 9121-333 9121-334 9121-335 9121-336 9121-338
      4Q   9122-322 9122-323 9122-326 9122-329 9122-331 9122-332 9122-333 9122-334 9122-335 9122-336 9122-338
    500V-type 2Q   9121-522 9121-523 9121-526 9121-529 9121-531 9121-532 9121-533 9121-534 9121-535 9121-536 9121-539
      4Q   9122-522 9122-523 9122-326 9122-529 9122-531 9122-532 9122-533 9122-534 9122-535 9122-536 9122-538
    Ambient temperatur        Humidity class F - DIN 40040
    Operation   °C
    Storage   °C
    Rated supply voltage field   V ungeregelter B2 Brückengleichrichter: max. 2AC 550
    geregeltes B2Hz Feldmodul 2AC 400 +15% -20%
    Bemessungs-Gleichspannung Feld   V ungeregelter B2 Brückengleichrichter: ca 0,9 x Netzanschlußspannung
    geregeltes B2Hz Feldmodul max. DC 325
    Bemessungs-Gleichstrom Feld   A
    Cooling     self fremd eingebauter Lüfter
    Losses at rated current   W 135 150 230 320 440 650 800 1000 1250 1850 2500
    Dimensions approx. H mm 385 385 385 405 405 590 590 590 590 590 790
      B mm 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 310
      T mm 250 250 250 290 290 290 290 330 330 330 380
    Weight approx.   kg 10 10 14 17 17 22 22 31 31 31 40
    Recommended Commutating ractors        Supply voltage 3AC 400V and 3AC 500V
    Order No.
        9901.323 9901.323 9901.326 9901.329 9901.331 9901.333 9901.333 9901.334 9901.334 9901.336 9901.338
    Recommended Semiconductor fuses        for supply voltage 3AC 400V and 3AC 500V
    Phase   A 3x50 3x50 3x80 3x125 3x160 3x250 3x250 3x450 3x450 3x630 3x900
    Order No. for fuses 9911.127 9911.127 9911.229 9911.231 9911.232 9911.434 9911.434 9911.436 9911.436 9911.638 9911.691
    Order No. for fuse holders 9911.001 9911.003 9911.004
    Anchor   A 2x50 2x50 2x100 2x160 2x200 2x250 2x315 2x500 2x500 2x700 2x1100
    Order No for fuses 9911.127 9911.127 9911.230 9911.232 9911.233 9911.434 9911.435 9911.437 9911.437 9911.690 9911.790
    Order No. for fuse holders 9911.001 9911.003 9911.004
    Recommended EMC filters (Limit Value B)        for 3AC 400 V and 3AC 500 V on enquiry
    Mode of operation DB (continuous operation)
    Protection IP00 - DIN 40050 
    In accordance with CE
    Für höhere Leistungen, Ströme und Spannungen separates Regelgerät (Abmessungen: 385x265x165) mit getrennt angesteuerten Thyristorendstufen, weitere Daten auf Anfrage

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