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Save up to 40% energy MotorMaster
......with Frequency Inverters
for refrigeration, ventilation and
air conditioning
User benefits
Chart of equipment

  • Analog pressure input for the control of suction pressure or
  • Two different setpoints directly selectable (e.g. for night setpoint)
  • Freely-selectable minimum and maximum frequencies
  • Possibility to select up to three skip frequencies
  • Special function "freeze protection of the evaporator" for use in air-conditioning systems and chillers can be activated
  • Testing and filling the system possible without using an external sensor 
  • All FrigoSoft-advantages also available when using an external control system 
  • Control of the oil pressure switch in large capacity compressors 
MotorMaster Frequency Inverters
  • Our applications support will be pleased to assist with adapting the inverter to the compressor used
  • Easy connection to the external control system (safety switches, motor protection, etc.)
  • Analog setpoint and measured value inputs can be set for various ranges 
  • RS232 interface integrated as standard
  • LON-Bus interface for building management systems on request

NEW: The FrigoSoft-Software is integrated in the inverter. This results in simple minimum-time commissioning.

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Values whitch can be shown on the inverter display

  • Calculated evaporating temperature
  • Setpoints
  • All motor data (power, frequency, setpoint, etc.)
User benefits  
Improved refrigeration quality 
  • Practically ideal and constant pressure in the suction line, also under alternating system load. 
  • Reduced temperature fluctuations in the refrigerated areas.
Energy saving
  • Up to 40% energy saving due to stepless power control
  • The evaporating temperature may be increased 
  • No peakloads by soft starting of the compressor 
Increased power
  • 20 % higher compressor capacity compared to 50 Hz supply due to 60 Hz operation conditions 
  • Higher C.O.P. factor at part load operating conditions
Extended lifetime 
  • Closed-loop control eliminates pressure surges in the cooling circuit
  • Adjustable timer to prevent frequent compressor starting at minimum demand levels
Ready for extention
  • Two stage operation possible as standard, third stage on request. Soft start of second stage compressor is recommended (KIMODUL, LEKTROMIK)
  • Automatic restart following a supply interruption or system fault 
  • Numerous supervision functions integrated in the software
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Chart of equipment
MotorMaster MM5
Frequency inverter up to 4 kW
Motor Supply Equipment Dimensions [mm] Special features
power voltage code
Motor power Supply voltage Equipment code Dimensions [mm] Special features
Height Width Depth  
(400 V) 3AC MotorMaster   • Integrated EMC filter (class B limit)
1,5 kW 380-460 V MM515-EMC 230  167  200  dto.
2,2 kW 380-460 V MM522-EMC 230 167 200  dto.
4,0 kW 380-460 V MM540-EMC 230 167 200  dto.
MotorMaster MM6
Frequency inverter up to 11kW
Motor power Supply voltage Equipment code Dimensions [mm] Special freatures
Height Width Depth  
(400 V) 3AC MotorMaster   • External EMC-Filters:
5,5 kW  380-460 V  MM655  368 201 208  FB 305
7,5 kW  380-460 V  MM675  368 201 208  FB 311
11 kW 380-460 V MM6110 368 201 208 FB 311
MotorMaster MM3SV
Frequeny inverter up to 75 kW
Motor power Supply voltage Equipment code Dimensions [mm] Special features
Height Width Depth  
(400 V) 3AC MotorMaster   • External EMC-Filters:
15 kW 380-460 V MM315SV 468 228 157 MM3-FU315
22 kW 380-460 V MM322SV 672 234 289 MM3-FA337
30 kW 380-460 V MM330SV 672 234 289 MM3-FA337
37 kW 380-460 V MM337SV 672 234 289 MM3-FA337
45 kW 380-460 V MM345SV 838 398  336 MM3-FA375
55 kW 380-460 V MM355SV 838 398 336 MM3-FA375
75 kW 380-460 V MM375SV 838 398 336 MM3-FA375
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